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Looking for a temporary job? You’ve found what you were looking for! Of course the same goes for companies who are looking for temporary workers.

In the last years, the need for motivated temporary workers has grown to be larger than the number of people looking for work. This is why Flex Employment does not only focus on jobseekers from Holland, but also from other European countries. We do a great job at it!

An important reason for our success is the method used by Flex Employment to offer customized solutions; both for temporary workers as their employers. Of course all Dutch and European rules and laws are applied by us when temporary workers are hired and contracted.

Southwest Netherlands

Flex Employment is located in Oudenbosch in the Netherlands and focuses on the demand for temporary workers needed by companies in West Brabant, Zealand and the area between Rotterdam and Zealand.

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Looking for a temporary job in Holland?

You can get a new job in the following ways:

Residents of Poland and Hungary can apply with our agent or locally at our office. If we receive a request from a company for the deployment of temporary workers, we will contact you. Together with your contact person, we can also support you in making arrangements for your departure to Holland.