Flex-Employment for companies

Employment partner for companies
Flex Employment has an extensive database available of international workers from several European countries. With an own location in Hungary and an agent in Poland, we are able to directly provide for laborers, even if your need comes up unexpected and unannounced.

Custom solutions
Depending on the sort of work for which you need temporary workers, we select the fitting candidates. These can be educated craftsmen with specific knowledge and experienced, or laborers who can be deployed for tasks which do not always require formal education.

We will make sure that we always provide you with the right people for the job, people who are willing to work hard and are worth hiring.

Flex Employment reliefs you of the burden
When new workers arrive, Flex Employment prepares them for the task for which they were recruited in a personal briefing and introduction. Flex Employment also takes care for insurances, housing and transport to and from their work.